July 11, 2018

WM: Khador Karchev the Terrible (Warcaster)

I love Warcasters that can really do a beat down on the offensive instead of just sitting back and playing defensive, hence the reason I always seem to fall back and play with ‘Butcher 1’.  Well I finally got another beat down Warcaster for my Khador army in ‘Karchev the Terrible’

MAN IN THE MACHINE “Karchev is a living model but is neither warjack nor a warrior model.  He has a damage frid and suffers damage like a warjack.......”

With 34 boxes of damage, he has the most boxes of all my Warcasters, and hopefully can last longer on the battlefield, he can also be REPAIRABLE from my ‘Battle Mechaniks’ or if I decide to run my ‘Gobber Tinker’ also.

He has a DEF 12, ARM 19 so he can easily be hit in melee, but his his ARM (+2 in melee) should help keep him alive.  For his damage output, he has a SP10 gun POW 12 and an Open Fist P+S 15 and his Sunder P+S 19 with a RNG of 2.  Very similar to a ‘Juggernaut’ in regards to damage output, but he can also cast spells.  He has two very useful spells, BATTLE-CHARGED granting his battlegroup Countercharge, and JUMPSTART that allows his battlegroup to stand up and are no longer stationary.

Now I just need to get in a few test games with him and see how he actually does on the tabletop.  My plan is to run him with a couple of ‘Greylord Forge Seers’ to help with the Focus on the Warjacks, so I have those models next on the painting table.

Karchev the Terrible

Karchev the Terrible

Karchev the Terrible

Painting Points: 5


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