July 12, 2018

Battle Report: WM/H 7/11/2018 Khador vs Trollbloods (50 Points)

I was supposed to have a game lined up for tonight versus my Trollbloods friend out in Kalamazoo, but yesterday afternoon he asked if we can play last night instead.  So my son and I packed our bags and drove out East.

We setup the table once again for the Mirage scenario (I actually really like this scenario and it is very lively) and I elected to play my same ‘Vlad 1’ Khador list that I had played on Monday night against my son.  My friend TJ played a ‘Doomshaper 3’ Trollblood list with a ‘Mountain King’ and ‘Mulg’.  I wont go into too many details, but forgetting my Feat that would have been a perfect situation to take out the ‘Mountain King’ really hurt me in this game.  I ended up losing 9-4 on the top of Turn 4 and lost all 5 of my Warjacks.  I think all I had left was ‘Vlad 2’ and 1 ‘Kayazy Eliminator’ where as the Trollbloods still had quite a few models left.  When TJ popped ‘Doomshaper’s 3’ Feat, it was like I was giving free health back to his Warbeasts.  I got to think about the mistakes I made after the game (while my son was getting in a game against TJ, which ‘Stryker 2’ Assassinated ‘Doomshaper 3’) and I can see where I should have done things differently.  I spent time shooting the Objective and I should have gotten the ‘Widowmaker Scouts’ in a better position and taken out the one Unit that he had.

I do not care if I win or lose (really), I just need the more playing time and learning my models better, and over the last few weeks that has helped a lot.  I am spending less time reading the cards/app (but I still do when need to) and that is helping me with the deathclock.  Soon I’ll be ready to give my 75 point lists a try.


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