July 9, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #27

I cannot believe it is another week in 2018, this past week went by really really fast, it may have had to do also with a Holiday in the middle of the week.  Because of the Holiday, my plan was to actually get in quite a few games of Warmachine/Hordes in, but I disappointed myself in that department.  My wife and I started to binge watch “The Crown” on Netflix and that seemed to have taken up all my free time, at least now both seasons are done and hopefully I can get in a few more games.

In the department of painting, I am thrilled that I was able to get my 2nd ‘Kodiak’ completed along with my Unit of ‘Battle Mechaniks’, at least some progress was made in that area.  I have also started to prep some models for my painting table and we shall see how much gets down this week/weekend.  I have a cycling event coming up on Saturday and that will take away from my hobby time, so I am not sure how much will get done.

For my gaming plans this week, the plan is to get a practice game of “Breakfastmachine” (50 points) in tonight, and another game Thursday night against my friend in Kalamazoo.  My son and I did manage to get in 3 games in yesterday morning, but that was for Magic: The Gathering (see future post about this) but it still counts as games played.

Models Completed: 7
Khador: Kodiak 2
Khador: Battle Mechaniks

Games Played: 3


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