July 2, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #26

It is Monday morning so that means it is time for another Weekly Chronicle.  It also #26 for the year and we are half way through the year.  As always, I start of the year going in strong, calm down a bit and then usually pick it up back up towards the end of Summer/early Fall and it has been no different this year.  I started of the first quarter of the year super strong in my Painting Queue, then I died down just after AdeptiCon for the entire 2nd quarter.  We just entered the 3rd quarter for the year and I am hoping to pick things up a bit, probably not as strong as 1st quarter, but hopefully I will be able to get quite a few models completed.  Currently my interest is still into Warmachine/Hordes (especially with NOVA Open in less than 2 months) and I excited all over again for Khador army.  I received a bunch of the new Man-O-War models in last week, and I have a few more new Khador models coming in today and one of them being a new Warcaster ‘Karchev’.  I am hoping to get ‘Karchev’ assembled pretty quickly and get him to the top of my queue, I am really curious on how he plays.

I also was able to get in 3 games of Warmachine/Hordes last week (it helped to be on vacation), grant it they were all 15 point Speedmachine games, but it is still practice and I am starting to learn those models even better.  As I have been mentioning the last 18 months, I have always wanted to get into the WM/H League down in South Bend on Monday nights, but Mondays are always a very bad day for me with all the chores that have to get done after work.  Tonight starts up another 4 week session (and it may be there last) and we were thinking about attending, but honestly I do not think I will be able to attend.  Once work gets done for the day, it is time to take care of the dogs and cats, then its time to take out the trash and I have to get back on the bike again to prepare for a bike ride in 2 weeks, all to be done in 1 hour so we can leave at 6pm....so it is very unlikely we’ll attend, but we’ll see, more than likely I will probably start assembling ‘Karchev’ or get in a game at home with my son, we also have another Vet appointment next Monday for the new puppies so once again Monday’s always seem to be a bad day for me.

Models Completed: 1

Games Played: 3


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