July 16, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #28 (45 Days Till The NOVA Open)

Time is really flying by, especially when it seems like you are not getting that many models completed.  Last week was actually probably a pretty decent week for me, not in terms of getting models completed, but as a whole.  I was able to get in two 50 point games of Warmachine/Hordes in (practice for “Breakfastmachine”) and I did complete a new Warcaster for my Khador army with ‘Karchev The Terrible’.

Not too much was done painting wise this past weekend, I do have two ‘Greylord Forge Seers’ on the table, but on Saturday I decided to start building some of the models for my Khador Man-O-War list.  I want to make sure those models are ready to go for when I get back from the NOVA Open and concentrate on finishing those models after the event.

Speaking of the NOVA Open, there is only 45 days left till the event, and I really looking forward to it.  I have never been to an East Coast event, and I have heard good things about this one.  My son and I withdrew from the Guild Ball event that is happening on Friday to open some free time, but we still have a pretty packed schedule of events.  As of now, the plan is for the following events:

Thursday: Warmachine/Hordes “3 Man Team Tournament”.
Friday: Open day, probably get in some games of WM/H in the Iron Arena and late at night we will sit in and listen to the future of “Middle-earth SBG” (formerly Lord of the Rings SBG).
Saturday: early in the morning we have Warmachine/Hordes “Breakfastmachine” and then some open play in the afternoon.
Sunday: in the morning we have Warmachine/Hordes “Speedmachine” and then the drive back home.

Once we get back from the NOVA Open, then it will be time to concentrate on Warmachine Weekend in early November.

Games Played: 2

Models Completed: 1
Khador: Karchev The Terrible


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