July 17, 2018

MTG: ‘Core Set 19’ Booster Box

Last night my son and I opened our Magic The Gathering Core Set 19 booster box, I had my son purchase it Saturday night from his work, but we waited till last night to crack open a few packs.

I had thought about joining a MTG League out in Kalamazoo on Monday nights (started last night), but Monday nights are very tough for me to get away with all the chores that need to get accomplished (garbage night).  So I decided we’ll just play the league style at home after dinner.  The League consists of starting with 3 packs and build a 30 card deck (we elected to start with 4 packs), then each week you can purchase a new pack tocustomize your 30 card deck.  The one change we may do is instead of waiting a full week, I think each night we play, we will probably open up a new pack.  Once we get quite a few packs opened up, we then will increase the deck size to 40 and then finally to 60.  More than likely our decks at 60 cards will not be powerful, but it should still be a fun time.  By playing it this way, it gives us the joy of opening new packs, and limiting our cards to just 1 booster box.

I think in the future if I decided to get serious with Friday Night Magic, I will probably just buy a custom deck online rather than buying packs of cards, but the collector in me likes the booster boxes as it is a good start to completing a full set.  Once we open all the packs and check off all the cards we received, I’ll have to then add up and see how much it would cost to complete the set.

Once we got our 30 card deck built, we played a match.  I put together a Black/Red deck together and I ended up losing 1-2.  The game I did win, my deck played exactly as how I intended it to do so, but the 2 I lost I think I was hurting on some red lands.

We’ll see what happens next time....really enjoying this so far.


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