July 16, 2018

MTG: ‘Core Set 19’ Planeswalker Decks

It seems like every three years my son and I get back into playing Magic The Gathering, not competitively, but more for fun (at least for now).  The issue I always have (and have wrote about it three years ago) is what to do with all the extra cards you get from the booster packs, most of them will just be sitting in a white card board box on the shelf.  This past April, Wizards did actually release some competitive pre-made decks to be played on Friday Night Magic, but come October, most of those cards will be obsolete due to their rotation cycle (I am hoping they will do something similar after the rotation again).

‘Core Set 19’ was just released this past weekend (and the pre-release events were the weekend before), my son since moving here to Michigan has started working in a game store again down in South Bend and Magic The Gathering is heavily played there, so it would be a good idea to refresh his memory on the game is played again.  The easiest thing for us to purchase to just jump right in is with the new ‘Core Set 19’ Planeswalker Decks.  A pre-made 60 card deck is released for each of the land colors.  I decided to get the Mountain deck called ‘Sarkhan’ and my son went the Forest deck called ‘Vivien’.

It actually has been pretty fun so far, we have been able to get in 8 games so far (I do really like that most of the games can be played pretty quickly).  More than likely we will be purchasing a ‘Core Set 19’ Booster Box for the excitement of opening packs, along with doing our own in house League over the next few weeks.


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