July 24, 2018

Guild Ball: Season 4 Sneak Peak Part 2

Steamforged Games today released some more information on the upcoming Season 4 of Guild Ball.  Here is a brief outline on the chages released today.

Influence: Influence will have a maximum allotment per player.  There will be no more instances where a player can over their maximum amount allowed.  The stats on the cards have been updated to reflect these changes.

Obstructions:  No more can player stop on an Obstruction.  They can still Jog or Dodge over them, but you cannot end a move with any part of its base overlapping an Obstruction.

Character Plays:  There will not be any Character Plays with a cost of 0 and have made adjustments to every player that had one.  They now have a minimum cost of 1, and the Influence stat has been increased to reflect these changes.

Roster size:  The roster size for a team has been increased from 10 to 12 players.

To read the full article on Steamforged Games, please click HERE.


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