July 23, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #29

I am still slacking on getting models completed and the motivation is not there yet, my recent interest in Magic The Gathering has kept my mind on that game this past week.  I still have 2 Khador ‘Forge Seers’ sitting on my painting table with two coats completed.  Maybe next Saturday or Sunday morning I’ll get a few more colors on them.  I have enough models completed for the NOVA Open, so I am not worried for that, I just wanted a few more done to give me some more options.

I also did not play any WM/H this week, but my son and I did manage to get in 3 matches (9) games of MTG in this week, and I spent all day Saturday sorting through our ‘Core Set 19’ so I can put a full set together.

I am sure after next week when the countdown to NOVA Open is less than 30 days, the excitement will come back to me and we’ll get in some more practice games.

Models Completed: 0

Games Played: 9 (MTG)


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