July 10, 2018

Battle Report: WM/H 7/9/2018 Khador vs Cygnar (50 Points)

After having spent some time the last few games practicing for 15 Points “Speedmachine”, it was time to get in some practice of “Breakfastmachine”.  “Breakfastmachine” is an event at this years NOVA Open played with 50 Points, and while playing your game, you are served breakfast items to eat, I could not pass on an event like this.

I am still testing out different lists for this event, but for last night I went with ‘Vlad 1’ and my “Jaws of Wolf” theme, my son was playing his Cygnar army led by ‘Stryker 1’.

This was our first time playing the new scenario “Mirage” and from the looks of it I could tell it would be a good game to score some Control Points.  Also since I am playing a Warjack heavy “Jaws of Wolf” theme, I wanted to see how my list would do without any Rectangle Zones.

My Khador went first I basically ran all my Warjacks up the table, playing with 2 ‘Kodiaks’ it was nice to have them gain an extra 2”.  I had a ‘Widowmaker Marksman’ and ‘Widowmaker Scouts’ that were on my right flank, with Advance Deployment they walked up to my nearest Flag and sat there, from that position my ‘Marksman’ and 3 of my ‘Scouts’ were able to get some shots off on the enemies Objective and doing 6 points of damage.  These guys basically say there most of the game and destroyed the Objective for 1 CP.  They were useful for that and if needed to could have entered int the farthest Circle Zone.  ‘Vlad 1’ was in my Circle Zone casting “Signs & Portents” most of the game.  I had ‘Kayazy Eliminators’ and a ‘Berserker’ on my left flank along with ‘Yuri’. ‘Yuri’ did not do too much in this game and I should have played him towards the center of the table going for the Flag in  the forests.

After Turn 2 the score was tied 2-2, Turn 3, I was able to kill the Objective and then also contest his Circle Zone and Flag so I was up 5-2 after the top of Turn 3.  Bottom of Turn 3 Cygnar had to try and kill 2 Warjacks that were contesting his Circle Zone, a ‘Juggernaut’ and a ‘Kodiak.  With some help from ‘Stryker 1’ he was able to kill the ‘Juggernaut’.  There was not much else he could do and at the bottom of Turn 3, Khador won 7-2.

I played out the top of Turn 4 just to see what I could do next.  I set up my 2 ‘Kodiaks’ with the most Focus to prepare one of them to Charge ‘Stryker 1’.  My ‘Widowmaker Scouts’ actually cleared up most of a Unit and it actually gave room for both of my ‘Kodiaks’ to Charge ‘Stryker 1’ if need be....I only needed the 1 ‘Kodiak’ to finish off ‘Stryker 1’ (with the help of my “Signs & Portents”.

I have another 50 Point game lined up against my Trollbloods friend this Thursday night, more than likely I will play the same list, but I may try a Warcaster change.


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