July 5, 2018

WM: Khador Battle Mechaniks (Unit)

I really do not prefer painting Units, but they have to get done also, so I tend to assembly line my Unit models.  Honestly I do not think they came out to shabby.  In order to try and save some time on the “death clock”, I have been leaning more towards playing the “Jaws of Wolf” theme which is usually a Warjack heavy list.  Well with all those Warjacks, I need a Unit that can repair them.  While base to base, each ‘Battle Mechanik’ model can heal a Warjack for D3 damage removal.  This is very beneficial  when you really need that axe arm back on your ‘Juggernaut’.  One problem I am still trying to learn with them is keeping them all in Command range while trying to heal all my different Warjacks.

With this Unit now completed, my main list for the NOVA Open is completed, now it is time to add some model to my painting table so I can try out a few different lists.

Battle Mechaniks

Battle Mechaniks

Painting Points: 6


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