February 12, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #6

Last week was week #6 for 2018 and I stayed on par with completing 4 more models, plus started on another 3.  I have also been slowly working on ‘Barnabas 2’ and he is coming along nicely, hopefully in another week or so he should be completed.  Once I get my Khador ‘Winter Guard Rifle Corps’ ready for the table I know that will probably slow me down a bit..  Being a Unit of 10 men, they may take me a little longer to finish.

The weather last week kept me from getting any games in, snow on Monday night and again on Thursday night kept me grounded indoors for the week.  The plan is hopefully to get out tonight for a Hordes game.

Week #6

Models Completed:4
Minions: Feralgeist 2
Minions: Void Leech 1
Minions: Void Leech 2
Minions: Void Leech 3

Games Played: 0


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