February 25, 2018

WM: Khador Winter Guard Rifle Corps (Unit)

I have been putting off getting these models completed the last few weeks, but Friday night and yesterday I sat my but down in the painting chair and got them completed.  Nothing too fancy with these guys (just a speed paint) to have them completed and table top quality.  As I mentioned yesterday, painting Units are boring for me.  I did do a quick compare of my ‘Winter Guard Infantry’ I painted many years ago, and these ‘Winter Guard Rifle Corps’ actually do not look too bad compared to them.  They will fit right in with my ‘dirty’, ‘war-torn’ look I have with my Khador army.

The ‘Winter Guard Rifle Corps’ are the heart of almost every Khador army and I never previosly had owned the models, I was always trying to accomplish the same tasks just by using the Infantry instead.  It’ll be nice to see exactly what these models can do.

Technically these were the last models I needed to finish for AdeptiCon in 25 days (and I am happy that I am done)...but...there may be a few more models I will try and complete next for my Khador.  I have 2 Units of ‘Kayazy Eliminators’ that I may try and get done.  These 2 Units would fit real nice in my Who’s The Boss list I have planned.  If I do not get them completed, I am happy with what I have done.

Winter Guard Rifle Corps

Winter Guard Rifle Corps

Winter Guard Rifle Corps

Painting Points: 10


  1. Looks cool but I cannot open images in new tab or zoom them ;)

    1. Unfortunately due to app limitation images are locked resolution. iPhone ‘reader view’ allows a bit of a zoom.