February 24, 2018

WM: Progress On The Khador Winter Guard Rifle Corps

After finally just sitting on my painting table assembled and primed for days, I finally made some progress on my Khador ‘Winter Guard Rifle Corps’.  For some reason I have not had the passion to complete this Unit.  I am not much into painting Units anymore and prefer painting the Warjacks/Warbeasts, Warcaster/Warlocks and Solos.  That is probably why I also like to paint Guidl Ball so much, each model is unique.  Well it can definitely show on these guys and will look good on the table top from 10’ away.

The plan is to get them completed today and then tomorrow they go for their dullcote, I think that will also be the last of my dullcote so a run to the store will also be needed this weekend (if my local Michael’s has anymore in stock).

Back to painting....

Winter Guard Rifle Corps (WIP)


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