February 1, 2018

Hordes: Minions Boneswarm 2 (Warbeast)

I have noticed that most of the Barnabas 2 lists I have seen on the Minions Facebook Group recently are running 2 Boneswarm Light Warbeasts.  A couple of weeks ago I picked one up in preparation for Barnabas 2 but not planned on two.  While I was back at my LGS last weekend picking up Barnabas 2, they still had one more Boneswarm left on the pegs.  So I decided to snacth it up and get it painted.  So now both are completed and I am getting closer to running Barnabas 2.

This was a good way to kick off the Painting Points for February and keep me motivated for the month.

Boneswarm 2

Boneswarm 2

Painting Points: 2


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