February 13, 2018

Daily Chronicle: Warmachine/Hordes AdeptiCon 2018 Team Tournament Decision

The past couple of days I have been going back and forth about what list should I play in the AdeptiCon 2018 Warmachine/Hordes Team Tournament.  Each player is allowed 35 Points and I could not decide between my Khador ‘Butcher 1’ list, my Minions ‘Maelok’ list or my Minions ‘Barnabas 2’ list.  This morning I finally made my decision and I am going with the Minions ‘Barnabas 2’ list.  After further looking into the list I saw that it could also really benefit my partners (son) list who will be playing ‘Kromac 2’.  So we are going to be playing with two Warlocks who can really put down the beating.

Also part of my reason for chosing Minions over Khador is, yesterday I contacted AdeptiCon and traded in my Guild Ball Championships ticket on Friday to partake in the Warmachine/Hordes Who’s The Boss event instead.  Who’s The Boss is geared towards attaining achievements instead of winning the game.  It really sounded like it could be a lot of fun and I am more into having fun at these events over winning.  I decided that for the Who’s The Boss event that I’ll play my Khador army.  I still will be playing in the Guild Ball Homelands Cup on Sunday which is another fun event.  So I’ll still get my Guild Ball fix for the weekend (probably also a practice game Thursday/Friday night with my son.)

Now that the decision has been made to play ‘Barnabas 2’, another slight re-order in my painting queue.  ‘Barnabas 2’ is really close to be completed, but  I will have to slide the ‘Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron’ ahead of my ‘Winter Guard Rifle Corps’.  I still want to finish the ‘Rifle Corps’ for the Who’s The Boss event, but I do have a backup Khador list just in case they do not get done. 

Just under 37 days till AdeptiCon.


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