February 19, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #7

Week #7 is now completed for 2018 and things are rolling pretty good on the hobby side of things.  My game count for the year is only at 5, but that is ok, more of my enjoyment comes from building and painting the models (though I am not the greatest painter), it is the feeling I get when I see the model completely finished.

Anyways, I stayed on track last week completely 3 new models along with finishing up ‘Barnabas 2’ for my Minions army.  Nothing new hit the painting table for Guild Ball last week, nor was I able to attend any of the events (Sunday the 11th and this past Saturday the 17th).  When the wife works retail and you have a whole house full of pets along with a dog, it is hard to get away for an entire day.  As much as I though when the year started that Guild Ball will be my Tournament game for the year, I already missed out on a few local events and changed my plans for the AdeptiCon Championships (to Warmachine/Hordes).  Part of the reason is that I know when my son moves here in the Summer, we’ll get in a lot of friendly games down here in the basement (and I’ll get to try out all my different Guilds).

With 10 days left in the month, Painting Points are looking pretty good so far too.  I have 26 points for the month which is the same as last month (though last month’s total was 51, with a 25 point ‘Dracodile’) and I have a pretty healthy backlog of models still for the month.

Last Monday I was able to get out to Kalamazoo for another game of Warmachine/Hordes which ended in another loss for my Minions.  I am not sure if I will be able to get out this week, but next time I play, it will be with ‘Barnabas 2’.

Week #7

Models Completed: 7
Minions: Bone Shrine 1
Minions: Bone Shrine 2
Minions: Gatorman Soul Slave
Minions: Barnabas Lord of Blood & 3 Bone Shaker’s

Games Played: 0


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