February 6, 2018

Hordes: Minions Feralgeist 2 (Solo)

Well the snow last night (2”) kept me inside for the night instead of driving out for a game so then more work continued on my Minions.  When I ordered my ‘Gatorman Soul Slave’ last week, I decided to add another ‘Feralgeist’ to my order seeing how they were only asking $9.  Currently none of my lists require a second ‘Feralgeist’, but you never know in the future.  I am nearing that point with my Minion (Gatorman) models that I am being ok with having a few duplicate models for lists.  Eventually I will also add some Farrow models to my Minions, but for the moment I am concentrating on the Gatorman.

Feralgeist 2

Feralgeist 2

Painting Points: 1


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