February 3, 2018

Hordes: Minions Kwaak Slickspine & Gub (Solo)

With AdeptiCon only 46 days away, I have multiple Minions projects in all phases scattered on my painting table.  I am trying to priortize them based on the models I need completed for the lists I really want to play, but of course I always have fall back lists too.  Once in awhile I will paint up a model just to change up my rhtyhm a bit or if I see an easy model to paint.

Up next is ‘Kwaak Slickspine & Gub’ and they are needed for my lists.  This model is a new for Privateer Press that was released at the same time as ‘Barnabas 2’ two weeks ago.

“The conjoined brothers Kwaak Slickspine and Gub were born with the gift of sorcery. This unusual pair fights on behalf of the croak tribes allied to the Blindwater Congregation, hoping to one day secure a permanent home for their people. The uniting of their bodies and souls allows them to output a blistering storm of magic, which they use to destroy any foe the Blindwater Congregation has marked for death.”
Kwaak & Gub

Kwaak & Gub

Painting Points: 1


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