February 11, 2018

WM/H: Khador-Minions Weekend Prep Work 2/11/2018

Sundays are usually my day to prep models for the upcoming week, no different today.  Since I am still undecided what my plans are for AdeptiCon 2018, I need to get myself prepared and start building my Khador ‘Winterguard Rifle Corps’, and these guys were not fun to build at all.  I spoiled myself lately with the new resin models and metal models that I forgot about all the little pieces that need to be glued on plastic models.

I also decided to start assembling my ‘Gatorman Husks’, just to throw them on the painting table when I get a little tired of working on the ‘Rifle Corps’.

My objective for the day is to have all the below models are on their bases, then throoughout the week I can slowly start to prime them.


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