February 4, 2018

Hordes: Minions Weekend Prep Work 2/4/2018

I have a lot of models in my backlog that need to hit the painting table before AdeptiCon 2018 approaches.  I usually try and use the weekends to do as much prep work on the models as possible to prepare them for painting during the week.  It was no different yesterday as I continued assembling the models that were purchased from the LVO last weekend.

I just need to say one more more time that the detail in the new resin models are unbelievable, very gorgeous.  Ok, on to the models.  I was able to get my ‘Bone Shrine’s’, ‘Void Leech’s’, ‘Gatorman Soul Slave’ and another ‘Feralgeist’ all assembled and ready for priming.  Priming will continue today and hopefully I might be able to get some colors done also.   The ‘Feralgeist’ is not neeeded for AdeptiCon, but the last one I painted did not take me much time to complete, so I thought I would get this one ready also.

I am also currently working on my ‘Barnabas 2’ Warlock.  I do not want to rush this model too much since he is a centerpiece model, so when I have a few minutes here and there I continue to work on him.  Hopefully within the new two weeks he should also be completed (maybe sooner).


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