February 16, 2018

Hordes: Minions Gatorman Soul Slave (Solo)

The Minions ‘Gatorman Soul Slave’ is another new model released from Privateer Press three weeks ago on Janyary 26th.  I had drove down to South Bend the next day to my local game store in order to purchase him, but they did not receive any (the trip was not wasted as I did pick up other models at that time).  So I had to drive back home and start looking online.  Privateer Press showed them as out of stock right away on their site, but I did manage to find an online retailer that showed they had some in stock, so I was happy.

The ‘Gatorman Soul Slave’ seems to be a must add now in Minion lists.  He is an attachment to your Warlock and one of his many benefits is that he allows you to Upkeep one Spell for free (which is really nice to have).

I am now getting much closer to finishing my AdeptiCon Team Tournament list...should be done by next week.

Gatorman Soul Slave

Gatorman Soul Slave

Painting Points: 2


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