September 28, 2017

WM: Khador Juggernaut II (Warjack)

Just a slight change of pace from painting Guild Ball the last couple of months (or six).  It has been just about 15 months since I last painted anything for my Khador army.  The last model painted for them was my Behemoth that I had purchased at Lock & Load 2016.  I have painted quite a few models for my Hordes Minions army, but not for Warmachine.

The Michigan GT is coming up in just over a week and I signed up for the Warmachine/Hordes Masters Event, I am not sure why since I only get to play every couple of months, but I thought I’d go for at least 2 games, get my losses and then check out the rest of the venue.  I was going to play my Minions army, but thought to myself, I have not played my Khador in a long time.  So I put together 2 lists using the new Themes for Khador.  I am going just for fun and have no intentions on winning, so why not play something different.  Well within those 2 lists, I am 3 models short of completely I am rushing to get them done.  Although a part of me is thinking that I still mught play Minions (to save some time on the Deathclock).  More than likely it will be a night before decision on what army I will be playing.

So back and Lock & Load 2016 when they released the new MKIII items, I purchased a Khador Battlebox (mainly for the mini rulebook), but having the 3 models in plastic was also nice.  Most of my Khador Warjacks are the heavy metal, so getting the new plastic is a nice change.  One of the models I am short in my list is a second Juggernaut.  I have one Juggernaut that was part of my original army that was painted back in November 2010 (a long time ago), so it was time for Version 2.0

I tend to paint my Warjacks more in a used condition rather than fresh off the assembly line, so that is continued also here.

Juggernaut II

Juggernaut II

Painting Points: 5


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