September 1, 2017

Guild Ball: Building with the Mason's

Back in March at AdeptiCon 2017, my son and I purchased the Guild Ball Kick Off! starter box.  As I mentioned when I painted my Brewer's a few months ago, we split the starter box between the two of us.  Brewer's for me and Mason's for my son.  While at AdeptiCon he also purchased 'Hammer', the second Captain for the Mason's.  Well my son's priorities are gaming over painting (I've painted the 9 Butcher's while he is still painting 1 of his Hunter's).  I left him my painted Alchemist's Guild with him back in May so he has a painted Guild to play with.

I finally told him about two weeks ago to just ship me the Mason's and I'll get them painted.  While at a LGS not long ago I had picked up 'Granite' for the Mason's so I was itching to get her painted, so I thought I might as well start working on the entire Guild..

This weekend here in the US, it is Labor Day Weekend.  So it is only fitting to start working on the Mason's Guild.


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