June 26, 2016

WM: Khador Behemoth 'new sculpt' (Warjack)

Back to a little Warmachine with my Khador army. One of the perks of attending an event like Lock & Load is that Privateer Press sells models in their store that have yet been released to the public. Seeing that I knew I was going to be spending a lot of money on MKIII items, I was not planning on purchasing too many new releases. But when I saw the 'Behemoth' there, I had to get it. If I already had the older sculpt I probably would have passed on this purchase, but the 'Behemoth' is one Warjack I was missing from Khador army.

While waiting for the Keynote to start the Saturday night of Lock & Load I was able to assemble him and I actually playtested him in a game the next day. Seeing how he was already assembled, he had to hit my painting table next. I did not want him to end up like 'Grolar' that I purchased early at the LVO and he is still sitting in his box.

I went with my usual way of painting my Warjacks, making them look like they have been on the battlefield and not fresh off the assembly line.



Painting Points: 5


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