September 11, 2017

Guild Ball: More Goodies Inbound

This past Saturday my wife and I took a trip 75 miles North to Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Since moving to Michigan last fall it was the first time I visited the city.  Grand Rapids is a pretty decent sized city (probably the largest in Western Michigan) with a couple of different shopping malls.  So since she was off from work that day, we took a little road trip.  Up in Grand Rapids is also a gaming store called Big Kidz Games, I have been meaning to check out that store, but 150 miles round trip is a lot of gas.  So this was a perfect time to check it out. I could pick up some model for my Guild Ball Guilds, and then I can take the wife to the shopping malls.

It has not been officially stated yet, but it looks like Steamforged Games will be eliminating the single model blisters and move towards packaging the Guilds with 6 Players in a box.  A few months ago they have been re-releasing the models in these 6 Player boxes, and the new Farmer's and Blacksmith's Guilds are coming packaged with 6 Players.  The local gaming stores are also stating they can no longer order the indivdual models and Steamforged have also removed them from their website.  I can see where this is easier for them to sell the product, and local gaming stores just stocking the boxes (not having to make room for all the individual model), but a gamer/collector that already has some of these models and just looking to fill in a few missing models, it will be harder for them.

Once I've seen the pattern shift towards this trend, I decided to slowly start filling in my missing models to complete all the Guilds.  So while up at Big Kidz Games, I purchased everything that I needed that they had in stock.

Fisherman's Guild:
Veteran Siren

Mason's Guild:
Veteran Harmony

Mortician's Guild:
Veteran Graves

The Union:

I am still short 4 models, for the Mortician's 'Brainpan and Memory' (2 models, single blister) and for The Union 'Mist' and 'Snakeskin'.  I am also short 6 models for the Brewer's Guild, but coming this October, those 6 Brewer's models will be packaged in a boxed set and I will just make that purchase.

There are still other models that I do not have like Limited Edition versions, Resin versions, and Kickstarter versions, but my goal is to have all of the regular models for the Guilds.  Then going forward I can just purchase the new 6 Player Guild boxes.

Looks like I am keeping myself busy with Guild Ball.


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