September 13, 2017

Guild Ball: Forged From Steel, The Blacksmith's Guild

'Forged From Steel' is the new 6 man plastic Blacksmith's Guild that is set to release to the general public on November 17th, 2017 for $50.00.  Back at GenCon in mid August, Steamforged Games were selling these Guild sets to the people in attendance.  They were limiting them to 100 boxes per day across the 4 days of the convention.

I was thinking about going to GenCon this year since it is only about 4 hour drive for me, but I could not really justify the cost of attending just to do some shopping.  I am not into the collectible card games, nor the roleplaying games (at this moment), so I thought I would just wait for the general release of these boxes.

Last week I happened to come across someone selling one of these boxes on a Facebook Guild Ball for sale group, and they were asking $90.00 shipped in the US.  I thought about it for about a whole second and then contacted the seller.  I actually purchased my Union models from this same seller a couple of months ago, so I had faith in him that he would deliver.  Yes $90.00 is more than $50.00, but if I would have waited till November, I still have to pay shipping and/or sales tax, so I am probably looking around $60.00.  If I would have went to GenCon, it probably would have costed me more with the price of the convention ticket, gas, and hotel charges.....and the long wait in line to actually make the purchase.  Well this past Monday, my package arrived.

Am I in a rush to get these guys painted, not really (I probably could have waited), but they are hitting my queue once I finish the Farmer's Guild (who will be hitting the table at the end of this month).  My goal for the Blacksmith's is to have them completed by SteamCon USA the first weekend in December.


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