September 25, 2017

Guild Ball: Farmer’s Guild ‘Windel’

Yesterday’s post was missed. Since I spent the day doing a cycling event, perfectly themed too...”Apple Cider Century”, anyways today post is on ‘Windel’, a Centre Back for the Farmer’s Guild.  I really enjoyed painting this model and took some time with it and I am quite happy on how he turned out (actually pretty happy with all the Farmer’s, they all look good on the tabletop).

One problem that I see with ‘Windel’ have heard on the Podcasts is that he does not generate any Influence for your team, but can use up to 2.  Berserk is a nice Character Trait to have and ‘Windel’ can technically generate 4 Attacks each turn let alone any more that he can gain from harvest-markers.



Painting Points: 2


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