September 27, 2017

Guild Ball: Farmer’s Guild Completed

Well, the first 6 of the released models for the Farmer’s Guild are now completed.  As I mentioned in some of the model posts, I really enjoyed painting these guys, and took just a little bit of extra time with them.  I am no high quality painter, but I do feel like my quality is good for the table top.  It was nice to be able to paint these at the same time our real world entered the Fall season, it was just fitting.

What’s next? Honestly I am undecided at the moment.  I still have plenty of Guild Ball models left to paint to flush out my remaining Guilds, The Union are probably the farthest behind with only ‘Harry the Hat’ being completed.  But the Blacksmith’s are looking interesting and would like to get those guys completed in time for SteamCon USA.

I still have a few model I need to complete for Warmachine/Hordes before I can slide back over to Guild Ball.


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