September 29, 2017

WM: Khador Grolar (Warjack)

The second Warjack that I needed to complete for a list I am thinking about playing at the Michigan GT next weekend is Grolar.  He is a pretty expensive Warjack at 18 points, but he is a ‘jack of all trades’, with some good shooting and melee.  The ability to shoot while in melee is an added bonus.

I picked up this model way back as a pre-release at the 2016 Las Vegas Open back in February 2016.  So it has been sitting for nearly 20 months.  I did already have him assembled and primed, so now it was just a matter of getting some paint on him.  I am happy to say that he his finally completed...though I am still undecided on lists for next weekend, I hear there will be some changes to Themes coming out today, we shall see if that will effect any of the lists I had thought of.



Painting Points: 5


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