September 22, 2017

Guild Ball: Farmer’s Guild ‘Bushel’

After a little Battle Report yesterday, it is time to continue on with the Farmer’s Guild.

Up today we have ‘Bushel’, a Striker for the Farmer’s Guild.

‘Bushel’ has a pretty decent KICK stat with a 3/8”, but where she really benefits from is one of her Character Traits Cabbage Punt.  Once per turn if she is within [2”] of a harvest-marker, she can remove the harvest-marker and that will allow her to reroll failed Kicks for the remainder of the turn.

‘Bushel’ also gets a [+1] ARM id she is with [4”] of ‘Harrow’, this makes it a lot harder to take her out with her base DEF of 5+ already.

Obviously right now she has to be in the starting 6 lineup (since only 6 Farmer’s are released), but I can see her also making the lineup in the future.



Painting Points: 1


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