September 10, 2017

Guild Ball: Mason's Guild 'Hammer'

I am now finally to the point where I am catching up with models that were painted in September.  Up until now the previous Mason Players I had completed at the end of August.

Since I missed yesterday's post, I will double up on model posts again today.

First up we have the second Captain for the Mason's Guild, 'Hammer'.

This was the first model my son had purchased for the Mason's to compliment the original Kick-Off! 6.  He added him to the collection back at AdeptiCon 2017 in March.  I am glad 6 months later he is completed.

'Hammer' went through some eratta changes at the end of July to make him more playable, it seems most Mason players were choosing 'Honour' as their Captain.

2 of the big changes to his card were, all 3 of his Character Plays's were increased from 4" to 6" and his Heroic Play was moved to become his Legendary Play.

'Hammer' came out really really nice, but my pictures below do not do him justice.



Painting Points: 1


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