September 20, 2017

Guild Ball: Farmer’s Guild ‘Grange’

Well here we go, the very first model completed for my Farmer’s Guild (well 2 if you count the ball).  As I mentioned yesterday, I am taking just a little bit more time on each of these models and picking out some more highlights.  Usually on my models I like the colors to flow more fluently with subtle highlights.  For these guys I decided to give them that extra ‘pop’ of a highlight in just a few spots.

So first up we have their Captain ‘Grange’.  In all honestly I have not had the time to really go over the stats on any of the Farmer’s models. All I been hearing though is that ‘Thresher’ is the better Captain once he is released.  Personally I dont care, I like the look of all the Guild Ball models and enjoy collecting/painting them.  Eventually they will also hit the Pitch.

I also mentioned yesterday that I was unsure of the quality of the new plastic and how it would take the paint.  So far I like them a lot.  For the last 5-7 years I have been using a very cheap flat black spray paint ($.98/can) to prime my models (I never understood spending $8-$10 a can for black primer) and these plastics models took that spray paint very well.  Then with my P3 paints I also had no issues at all.  I did notice I had to use multiple coats on some of my colors but I think that is due to the paint itself.  Some of the colors I have been using are from P3’s new ‘Grymkin’ line of colors and I think a lot of these colors are very thin, but I love the color choices and they could not have been released at a more better time.



Grange and Ball

Painting Points: 1+1


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