September 19, 2017

Guild Ball: Mason's Guild 'Chisel'

Well there we go, the final model for the Mason's Guild, at least for now....back at GenCon 2017 in August, SteamForged did release a model called 'Lucky' that can be played with the Brewer's or the Mason's Guild.  Currently that model is only available at conventions or through an escalation league.  Eventually we'll get a hold of 'Luck', more than likely at SteamCon USA in December.

Today we have 'Chisel', an Attacking Midfielder for the Mason's.  I also enjoyed painting this model a lot like I did with 'Granite'.

Onto some of her stats....looking at her Playbook, I wish she did some more damage that was Momentous, see like 2 is the highest with Momentum but can do up to 4 damage.  Painful Rage does give her [+2] TAC and [+1] DMG to Playbook damage results when her HP's fall below 6.  If she is running relaly low on HP, she can use Sadism for the cost of 1 Influence that she may recover [1] HP when an enemy model within her 4" Aura suffers damage.



Painting Points: 1


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