September 5, 2017

Daily Chronicle: What's in Queue for September/October/November

I have a tendancy to get involved in too many game systmes at one time, but this year I am kind of shocked that the last 6 months I have mainly concentrated just on Guild Ball.  The problem I am having is getting games in.  Where I am at there is no one that close that can play, I do have one person, but with his work schedule it can be tough.  My other option is to drive 170 miles round trip up North to Grand Rapids and I have yet to make that trip.  So right it now it has mainly just been collecting/painting the different Guilds.  There is a friendly Farmer's Guild event taking place on Sepetember 16th up in Grand Rapids that I am playing on attending.  It will be good to get a few more practice games in and my first with the Butcher's Guild.

So what is the plan for the rest of September?  I am finishing off showcasing the Mason's Guild that I have been working on at the end of August and I have 2 models for this month, 'Hammer' and 'Tower'.

Then I plan on filling in some missing models for a few other Guilds.

Buther's Guild I have 'Veteran Brisket', 'Veteran Ox', and 'Truffles.
Alchemist's Guild I have 'Veteran Katalyst' and 'Flask'.

I still have a Union Guild that needs to get done (only 'Harry the Hat' is completed), but that may be a long term project or when I feel like painting a few different models.

For the Fall time at the end of the Month, we will be starting on the new Farmers's Guild "The Honest Land".  More than likely that may fall (pun intended) into October.  Being only 6 models, it should not tale me too long to get them done, but I plan on spending a little extra time on these guys.

The Farmer's Guild

Then for November, the plan is to start on the pre-release Blacksmith's Guild that was available at GenCon a few weeks ago.  I happened to just ordered a box on the secondary market (for not a bad price) and these guys will see the table then.  I am in no rush to get them done right away, so I will dedicate the month to them.  The plan is to get these guys done by SteamCon USA the first weekend in December.

The Blacksmith's Guild

As you can tell, my Warmachine/Hordes interest has slipped the past 6 months.  I think it is mainly due to all the CID changes I hear and theme/rules changes, it is getting harder to keep up with all the changes.  I still love the models from the game....and you never know....I may throw one on the table here or there.  After the new year and my son and I prepare what events we are going to want to play at AdeptiCon 2018, you may see some more models hit the blog (along with possibly a few Bolt Action models if time allows...I am really slacking on getting our Airborne armies done, we may have to fall back and use armies we already have completed).


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