December 31, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 12/31/2010 End Of 2010

Well this is the last post for 2010 and like most hobby/gaming blogs that posted today, this post will see how we did for the goals we set for 2010.

List for 2010 (with my comments):

Warhammer 40K: PLAY MORE.... thats my goal. I really do enjoy playing this game, especially with 5th edition. I love the idea of playing for objectives and the random games. You never know what will happen. I'm looking forward to the new Missions Book that will be released in March.
Hobbying: try to finish 1750 points of my Imperial Guard before I move back. I will then work on expanding that army after I move. IG will be "my" W40K army going forward. I also have a Space Marine Ultramarine Drop Pod army that is sitting just basecoated, these will bot be touched till after the move. I just "boxed" them up yesterday. Not sure how much more I will get done on my son's Space Marine army. I have 1750 points painted for him, and plenty more models that we can add to his list. The Salamanders are his W40K army that we will always expand on.

Success: I did play a lot of Warhammer 40K in 2010.  I participated in the 4-man Team Tournament at AdeptiCon 2010 plus I organized a 6 month 40K League when I moved back to Arizona.

My Imperial Guard army was finished to 1750 points.  Ultramarines were completed to 1500 points.  My son's Salamander army was completed to just under 2000 points.  I also painted a 1500 point Imperial Fist army, and also painted a 1750 point Tyranid army. 

My son and I assembled a 1500 point Eldar army (have yet to really start painting them) and I also started on Blood Angels army but slowly lost interest them.

So I would say Warhammer 40K was a big success.

Warhammer Fantasy: Recently I started playing WFB more and more and I'm also starting to really enjoy this game again. The Dark Elves have rejuvenated myself and Fantasy. I was getting tired of always losing with my Empire. I am also organizing a "Spring League" here in Illinois and looking forward to those games. I definitely want to play more in 2010.
Hobbying: Get my Dark Elves done to 2250 points before I leave. I am really making progress on these guys and I can see this happening. I really want a Skaven army, this will also wait till after the move. The DE will be done and gives me another new army to start. I also plan on getting the Wood Elves finally done for my son. We'll slowly add new models for him replacing some of the older versions. I have been making a lot of progress on this. I finally also decided to let him paint some of his own models. He's starting with the Treekin. Not sure what Fantasy army he will want next. Maybe he'll try out my Empire army for awhile. There is some models we can replace/add for that Army. My Dwarfs are in a good state right now. I have a 2250 point list that I like to play with the options of changing it up from time to time. Just need to redo the bases on some of the models.

Success: Played a lot more Warhammer Fantasy then I really had expected.  The summer months lagged a little bit, but with the introduction of 8th Edition it started to peak my interest again in the Fall.

The Dark Elves did not get done before we left for Arizona, but I did manage to get 2000 points completed this past year.  My son's Wood Elves army was also completed for the models that we had.  My Empire army was totally re-based and I started on a Lizardmen army for myself and a High Elves army for my son.

LotR: My son's not going to like to hear this....... but I have no plans for LotR in 2010. The interest for me is just not there at the moment. Maybe when the new "Hobbit" movie comes out, or if I get a little burned out from W40K/WFB I may then paint a few. My son really loves this game, but hopefully we'll be playing the above 2 more and he'll start to like those more.

As Expected: As I had predicted above, we really did not too much with LoTR.  This past Fall I did manage to organize a 10 week League and we are currently wrapping up the playoff's for that.  After the holidays we shall see who the overall winner is.  Besides the league I really did not play much.

I did a paint a few models for the Fallen Realms when I had a small spark for WotR, but that spark fizzled quickly and with not attending GitD in 2011, I quickly dropped the painting of them.

LotOW: I have buildings, I have models..... I have not really done much or played much in 2009. That will change in 2010. Again as soon as we move, I can see LotOW replacing LotR as my third game system. I hope living in the desert again will spark my interest.

Failure: I did nothing in regards to LoTOW.  Everything is still packed in their boxes.  I was just too busy playing W40K and WFB.

LotHS: I need to play this game.... I have yet to play it. I did get a crew finally painted up. My goal when I go back to Arizona is to play this game with Tim K. Before we play any other game together, we are going to PLAY LotHS. I'm calling you out Tim.

Failure:  Still did not play this game.  I did manage to however get a gang painted up.

FOW: I have an American Tank army painted and a partial Soviet Tank army painted. I would like to finish up the Soviet Army just so I can have two armies to play the game. I played FOW a few times in 2009, 2010 is looking a little bleak at the moment. I will keep the models/books though in case I want to throw down.

As Expected:  Did not play any games in 2010 nor painted any new models.  The interest is still slightly there.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year and stay tuned for tomorrow's list for 2011.


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