November 16, 2010

WM: Rhul Wroughthammer Rockram (Warjack)

Now that "Gorten Grundback" was finished the other day, he needs some Heavy Warjacks to control.

For my 15 points I am going to have "Driller" and "Rockram" and seeing how I already had "Rockram" assembled, he hit the painting board first.

I painted "Rockram" very similar to the way I painted my Light Warjacks "Grundback Gunners" with one slight change.  Besides adding some 'Traitor Green', I decided to do the highlight before the wash on "Rockram".  With the "Grundback Gunners" I did the highlight afterwards and I feel the highlight sticks out just a bit.

All that's left for the Rhul army is the "Driller" and I am hoping to get to him this weekend.  Some Cygnar models will be coming up next.

Wroughthammer Rockram

Wroughthammer Rockram

Wroughthammer Rockram

Painting Points: 5


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