November 6, 2010

WM: Khador Spriggan (Warjack)

This morning I was able to start and finish the next Warjack for my Warmachine's Khador army.  The second Warjack I have is "Spriggan".  I love playing with this guy, he is very powerful, especially with his 2" 'Reach'.

When I painted my "Destroyer" the other day, I had washed the armor with the P3 'Armor Wash' and had thought that he turned out a bit too dark.  I also mentioned that with my next Warjack I was going to replace the 'Armor Wash' with GW's 'Baal Red'.  Well "Spriggan" was done with the 'Baal Red' and I really like the way he turned out.  I think I'll be sticking with that wash going forward.




Painting Points: 5


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