November 7, 2010

WM: Cygnar Defender (Warjack)

Today I decided to do some more work on my son's Cygnar army.  The other day I painted his two Warcaster's Commander Stryker and Allister Caine so today I moved onto some of his Warjacks.

First up was going to be one of his Heavy Warjack's.  He has a "Defender" model and an "Ironclad" model.  I decided to go with "Defender" first.

Just like my Khador "Spriggan" model I painted yesterday morning, I went with GW 'Asumen Blue' wash for the armor instead of the P3 'Armor Wash'.

Here is Cygnar's Heavy Warjack "Defender":




Painting Points: 5

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