November 15, 2010

WM: Rhul Gorten Grundback (Warcaster)

As I mentioned yesterday, I was going to put the Khador army on hold for a few models and continue on my Rhul army and my son's Cygnar army.

My Warcaster of choice for the Rhul army is "Gorten Grundback".  The 'Strength of Granite' spell that "Gorten" has is just too good not to pass up to cast on my Warjacks.  I also really like the sculpt of this model.  That is one benefit in getting back into Warmachine.  I always liked the sculpts of the models and they are an enjoy to paint.

I followed a similar paint scheme to what I used  for "Thor Steinhammer" with the added color of P3's 'Traitor Green' in some areas.

Gorten Grundback

Gorten Grundback

Gorten Grundback

Painting Points: 1


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