November 30, 2010

Painting Points: November 2010

Well it was not a record month in "Painting Points" as far as number of points achieved, but it was still a great month regarding painting my Warmachine models.

This past month finally saw me break out all my Warmachine models that I had bought a few years ago, plus a few new models we picked up this past month.  Plus I actually got quite a few games in and I am partaking in a 'League' at Empire Games AZ.

Even though I painted only 59 points in November it was a good month.  Basically every model listed in my Cygnar, Khador and Seaforge armies were painted this month.

A quick recap of what was painted:

Warcasters: 5
Warjacks: 13
Solos: 7

I still have some Units to paint up in December to keep me busy and I'm always on the lookout for starting a new army.  I really want to stick with Warmachine over Hordes, but those "Gator" models are looking pretty sweet.  I may purchase a few of the models just to paint them.

Total Painting Points for the month: 59
Total Painting Points for the year: 772

Read more about "Painting Points" HERE
Thanks to Lone Pilgrim and Equinox for the idea of Painting Points.


  1. Wow, and I thought I was doing good with a couple hundred total painting points for the year. You're a machine!

  2. Thanks, most of it is 'speed painting', but it still looks good for the tabletop.

    I have a few armies lined up for 2011, but I dont think I'll hit anywhere close I've done for 2010. But we'll see.

  3. Speed painting or not, that's a number to be proud of. :)