November 24, 2010

WM: Khador Manhunter (Solo)

It was time to get back to work on my own Khador army.  I have some Solo's, and Weapons Crew and a Unit of Pikemen I'd like to get done soon.  I'm saving the Unit's for last (lol.... more to paint) but they'll also eventually get done.

I decided that I will be starting on the Solo's that I have first.  I have two "Manhunter" models (both variants) and "Yuri the Axe".  For 2-3 points each, these guys will be great to be used to fill in on any shortage of points.  Not too mention the stats on these guys are pretty decent to go Warcaster hunter with.

Up first is the Male version of the "Manhunter" model.  I also decided to change the lighting on these pictures.  I'm still playing around with different settings.  I felt all the other pictures may have been too dark.




Painting Points: 1


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