November 29, 2010

WM: Cygnar Hunter (Warjack)

After I finished "Captain Adept" yesterday, I decided to continue working on Cygnar and complete the last Light Warjack that we have, "Hunter".  Since I had all the colors already out, "why not?"

I try and encourage playing with painted models as much as possible (especially when playing at our local store) so my son has not really gotten a chance to play with "Hunter" much.  He was the last of the unpainted Warjacks for his Cygnar army.  Now he can choose and play with whichever Warjack he chooses.

Regarding unfinished models for Cygnar.  We have a full Unit of "Trenchers" (+ Grenadier) and a full Unit of "Long Gunners" (+ Officer/Standard) that still has to get done.  Once I finish my "Iron Fang Pikemen" (which I actually started) I'll probably move onto one of these Units.




Painting Points: 2


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