November 26, 2010

WM: Khador Manhunter Variant (Solo)

My second "Manhunter" is now completed.  This model is the Female variant of the "Manhunter".

Like I said in the Male verison post  these models are great to run alongside "Yuri the Axe".

The double strikes with 'Weaponmaster', 'Stealth', 'Advanced Deployment', 'Pathfinder' and 'Treewalker' (thanks to "Yuri"), these guys are great to park in the woods and then Charge them out 9".

As of now, I have only tried them in one game and I am pleased for 2 points.  My plan is to use them to support a Warjack (especially when my Warjack 'Knockdowns' my opponents Warjack) and also to go 'Warcaster' hunting with them.

Again I am trying some different lighting in these pictures.  The last two posts, I used a 'flash' for the pictures (hence the brightness).  With the below pictures I just added some additional lighting and raised the model a little bit higher.  So far I think I'm pleased how the lighting turned out on these.

Not sure what will be coming up next.  I know I have to start painting my Units, but I have been dreading getting to these.  I guess I'll see what kind of mood I am in later today.

Manhunter Variant

Manhunter Variant

Manhunter Variant

Painting Points: 1


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