November 11, 2010

WM: Rhul Grundback Gunners (Warjack)

The first models for my Rhul Mercenaries army for Warmachine are now done.  The first two models I started painting were the "Grundback Gunners".  Since these two Warjacks were so small, I decided to paint them together and save some time.

The Rhul army is only going to be 15 points to start with, so I still have my Warcaster "Gorten Grundback", a Solo "Thor Steinhammer" and two Heavy Warjacks, "Rockram" and a "Driller" to paint.

I'll be picking up the "Driller" model this weekend and hopefully more progress will be done on them before the weekend is over.

Grundback Gunner

Grundback Gunners

Painting Points: 4


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