November 4, 2010

WM: Khador Destroyer (Warjack)

Just finished up my very first Warjack for my Warmachines Khador army.  I had two Warjacks to chose from and I decided to paint "Destroyer" first.

My feelings are mixed on how he came out.  I think he came out a little bit too dark.  I decided to wash the entire model with P3 'Armor Wash' instead of GW's 'Devlan Mud' or 'Baal Red'.  Once the wash was dry, I went back over the red with 'Khador Red'.  Lesson learned.  I think next time I'll still use the 'Armor Wash' on all the steel areas, but for the armor, I am going to go with GW's 'Baal Red'.  This guy will just look like he needs a bath.

Going forward, Khador Red will be washed with 'Baal Red', other dark colors in 'Devlan Mud' and the steel will be done in 'Armor Wash'.  Like I posted on the two Warcasters I finished, I went with 'Devlan Mud' for the entire model.  Again, I think 'Baal Red' would have been a better choice.  Oh well, I am getting these done for "tabletop quality" and not any painting competition.

Not sure what I am going to paint next.  I may decide to paint up Stryker for my son's Cygnar army.




Painting Points: 5

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  1. It might look bright because it is a large model with a lot of flat surfaces. I like the way it turned out. Keep up the good work.