November 14, 2010

WM: Khador Kovnik Grigorovich (Solo)

I decided to add a 'Solo' to my Khador army "Kovnik Grigorovich".  Right now I am only running one Winter Guard Mortar Crew but I plan on having at least two units of the Mortar's and one unit of Winter Guard Rifle Corps once I expand to 50 points, so "Kovnik" will help out in the long run.

Having the benefit to boost attack rolls for Winter Guard units will be very beneficially.

"Kovnik" will be the last of the Khador models being painted this week.  With having to fly out for work this week, I decided the next couple of models will be for my Rhul army, and try to get a few more models painted for my son's Cygnar army.  Hopefully next weekend I'll be able to continue on the Khador.  I need to paint up the Mortar, and I have two "Manhunters" and "Yuri" waiting in line to be painted.

Kovnik Grigorovich

Kovnik Grigorovich

Painting Points: 1


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