November 28, 2010

WM: Cygnar Gun Mage Captain Adept (Solo)

Since it's football Sunday, it's my day to paint and watch TV.  As I mentioned this morning in my "Driller" post, I was going to move onto a few more Cygnar models before continuing on Khador.  I am awaiting for the primer to dry on some "Iron Fang Pikemen" and then I will actually start on some Units.

Before I have to get to painting some Cygnar Units, I still had one Solo and one Light Warjack to complete first.

So up first is "Gun Mage Captain Adept"

Captain Adept

Captain Adept

Captain Adept

Painting Points: 1

1 comment:

  1. Shading on the coat looks great. I can tell that you put time into this guy- nice work!