November 23, 2010

WM: Cygnar Journeyman Warcaster (Solo)

Here's the latest Cygnar model for my son's army before I move onto some more Khador or Rhul models.

Up next we have a "Journeyman Warcaster" Solo.  He'll be used to control/Focus a Warjack so that his primary Warcaster (usulally "Stryker") has a few extra Focus points for his own Battlegroup.

I still have one more Light Warjack, one Solo, and two Units that need to be painted for Cygnar.  We'll get back to them in a bit.  Time to change the color palette.

Journeyman Warcaster

Journeyman Warcaster

Journeyman Warcaster

Painting Points: 1


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