November 25, 2010

WM: Khador Yuri the Axe (Solo)

First off, 'Happy Thanksgiving" to all!  I am on my way out the door to go start the turkey at my parents house and I thought I'd go ahead and add my latest model to the blog.

Continuing on with Khador (at least for a few more models) up next we have the Solo "Yuri the Axe".  Having "Yuri" and a "Manhunter" together is just great so that the 'Manhunter' can benefit from 'Treewalker'.  "Yuri's" Special Attack is also just incredible when going up against a ranked a file 'Trencher' Unit.  Having the ability to attack all models within his weapon's 'Reach' and to have 'Weapon's Master' is just devastating.

I have one more 'Manhunter' variant to paint next and then I am undecided on what to paint next.  I have a Solo or Light Warjack for Cygnar that I can do, or I can finally start on the 'Pikemen' for Khador.

Yuri the Axe

Yuri the Axe

Yuri the Axe

Painting Points: 1


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